What is a Logo Kit?

We ask designers to create a kit of design elements that can be mixed and matched to create a customized finished logo. Each kit has multiple text treatments and color combinations with a range of different icons, mascots, or monograms.

We’ve sorted the kits into four key categories:

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How to Edit a Logo Kit

Logo kits are provided as vector EPS files. These can be opened with most vector editing software (Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, etc.). If this is your first time using a vector editor, we’ve put together this handy guide to get you started.

How to Commission a Custom Designed Logo

Logo kits are a fun way to create logos knowing that a skilled designer has thought through lots of different possible combinations, but if you’re looking for something completely unique then you’re better off commissioning a designer.

Envato Studio’s got your needs covered with hundreds of designers specializing in a wide variety of styles and solutions. Choose a designer and get your job started.

Submit a Logo Kit

We’re always on the lookout for designers and illustrators interested in showcasing and distributing their work. Let us know if this sounds like something you can do and we’ll pay you for each logo kit we publish here! Learn more about submitting a logo kit.