Logo License & Terms

Hi, we’re Envato Pty Ltd and welcome to Envato Logokit, a site that houses a directory of free ‘logo kit’ content for download and use. A logo kit is a set of icons, text treatments, and elements, that can be mixed and matched to create logos.

By downloading or using any logo kit on our site, you agree to these terms and to our Privacy Policy.

How Logokit works

If you want to download a logo kit from our site, then you have two options:

License Terms

With either option, we grant you a limited license to make use of the logo kit you have selected. This license includes the right to download and install the vector EPS files on your personal computer.

You can use the logo kit to create one or more logos that can be used in a business. If you are a freelancer, you can also use the logo kit in a project on behalf of a client.

However, you’re not permitted to:

We may terminate your license immediately if you do any of these things.

Disclaimers and liability

The logo kits on our site have been created by freelancer designers from Envato Studio. As we didn’t create the logo kits ourselves (and aren’t charging you to download and use them!), we’re making them available to you on an as is basis and without warranties of any kind. Without limitation, we do not warrant that the logo kits (or any logos created by you using the logo kits) are (or will be) original or that they will not infringe the intellectual property rights, including trademark rights, of third parties.

We also don’t warrant that you will be able to obtain trademark protection in any country for any logo that you create using a logo kit. This is because the logo kits are made available to all of our users on a non-exclusive basis, and it’s quite possible that more than one user could legitimately use a logo kit to make the same (or a very similar) logo!

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, we exclude liability to you (whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise) arising from or in connection with your use of Envato Logokit or any logo kit made available on our site. If we cannot exclude liability, then our total liability to you is limited to $10 USD.