Submit a Logo Kit

Creating logo kits is a fun client-free project where you can focus your design and illustration skills to create something great looking and systematic.

We pay US$300 for each logo kit that gets published, or US$1,000 for a custom lettered monogram set (featuring all 676 letter combinations).

How it works

If you want your work considered, follow these steps:

Become a Logo Kit Author

To become a logo kit author you’ll need to submit an application form. We only open applications every few months.

Applications are currently open. Apply here.

Submit a Logo Kit Idea

Once you’re an approved Logo Kit author, you can submit your logo kit idea (the first couple of instances of logo in your kit). If we like your idea, we’ll give you the thumbs up to create the rest of the kit. When it’s done we’ll feature it on the site and you’ll get paid for your work!

Here’s an example of what a logo kit idea might look like. It shows a couple of instances and the general style, without making every variation, icon arrangement and placement.

Keep in mind the following guidelines when putting together a logo kit idea:

The final logo kit will have many more variations, arrangements, and details. When you become an approved author we’ll give you information on what you’ll need to do to get final approval.