Free DIY Vector
Text + Icon Logo Kits

This collection of logo kits features designs in a classic ‘icon plus text’ format. Mix and match arrangements and icons from these versatile kits. Download the raw vector files for free, or hire a Marketing Buddy to help you get started with your brand.

From minimalist designs

Choose a line art or simple graphic icon kit for a minimalist versatile logo

To bold graphic designs

Or go with a more detailed and layered icon kit for a bold modern feel to your logo

And pretty much everything else!

The text and icon format lends itself to literally any logo scenario. Start browsing to see all the possibilities!

Latest Logo Kits

Majestic Animals Monoline Kit Mehibi

Shown: Lots of animals to choose from

Shown: Monoline illustration styles

Shown: Mix and match


Gym Line Art Kit Mehibi

Shown: Gym and fitness logos

Shown: A range of icons and ornaments

Shown: Striking line art


Corporate Shapes Kit Framestart

Shown: Simple modern iconic shapes

Shown: Simple, geometric shapes

Shown: Lots of arrangements


Animal Icons Kit Framestart

Shown: Animal icons

Shown: Logos for businesses that draw on animals for their name

Shown: Lots of text arrangements


Negative Space Icon Kit Framestart

Shown: Simple and striking icons

Shown: Lots of icon options

Shown: And lots of logo arrangement options


Corporate Gradients Kit Framestart

Shown: Lots of symbol, gradient and arrangement options

Shown: Swap gradients to customize

Shown: Example logos created with the kit


Barber Shop Kit Framestart

Shown: Combine elements to create a stylish barber shop logo

Shown: Illustrative rendering of a salon logo

Shown: More barber icons than you can possibly need!


Sports Club Badges and Emblems Kit BrandBusters

Shown: Interchangeable sports icons

Shown: A wide variety of arrangements

Shown: A cool, graphic aesthetic


Hospitality Line Art Kit Framestart

Shown: Simple icons paired with elegant text combinations

Shown: Illustrative rendering of a sign featuring a logo created from this kit

Shown: A wide range of food related icons in a line art style