Free DIY Vector
Character Logo Kits

This collection of logo kits features illustrative characters and mascots to represent your brand in a fun, playful logo design. Download the raw vector files for free, or hire a Marketing Buddy to get started!

Mascots are memorable!

Put a face to your business and your customers are more likely to remember it. (Don't fact check that statement)

Give your brand personality

A character quickly gets across a bit of brand personality whether it’s friendly or fierce, there’s a mascot to communicate it.

Or if you just love illustration

We love great illustration. If you do too, start browsing to see all the possibilities!

Latest Logo Kits

Stickman Kit TomJr

Shown: Two configurations of the stickman character

Shown: Stickman does many jobs and trades!

Shown: Stickman is versatile in colour choices!


Service Guy Mascot Kit Pecellele Pencil

Shown: Service guy is a flexible character for your business

Shown: Service guy has lots of outfits and variations

Shown: Switch layers in Illustrator to customize your service guy!


Little Guy Mascot Kit Mehibi

Shown: The little guy doing different things!

Shown: Examples of how he can be incorporated into a logo

Shown: Mix and match elements, alter colours, and make him yours!