Free DIY Vector
Badge & Emblem Logo Kits

This collection of logo kits features designs that are in shields, badges, emblems and other contained spaces. Download the raw vector files for free, or hire a Marketing Buddy to get you started with your brand.

Go full hipster

Badge style logos are often used to create a hipster folksy look because they have a natural ornamental quality.

Brand a club

Clubs and associations often use shields and badges because of their connotations of strength and belonging

And much more

Badges and shields are versatile, fun and creative. Start browsing to see all the possibilities!

Latest Logo Kits

Hipster Food Kit ViactionDsgn

Shown: Beautifully crafted restaurant badges

Shown: Mix and match!

Shown: Reversed out in black and white


Animal Icons Kit Framestart

Shown: Animal icons

Shown: Logos for businesses that draw on animals for their name

Shown: Lots of text arrangements


Corporate Bold Icons Kit Sztufi

Shown: Boom! Crisp and strong, these icons are, well, iconic!

Shown: When reversed these icons look even sharper and more iconic

Shown: Icons that will tell everyone you're a mega-corp!


Barber Shop Kit Framestart

Shown: Combine elements to create a stylish barber shop logo

Shown: Illustrative rendering of a salon logo

Shown: More barber icons than you can possibly need!


Outdoors Badges Kit Framestart

Shown: Illustrative rendering of a logo stamped out

Shown: Wide variety of badge shapes and imagery

Shown: Alter the colour palette to create a different feel


Sports Club Badges and Emblems Kit BrandBusters

Shown: Interchangeable sports icons

Shown: A wide variety of arrangements

Shown: A cool, graphic aesthetic