Corporate Bold Icons Logo Kit

Sometimes you just want a logo that says “We’re bold” and “We’re corporate” and we’d like a building or a jigsaw puzzle or something else to tell everyone about us. That’s when you turn to the corporate bold icon kit! Put them together, and create a striking corporate brand identity!

by Sztufi

View the Kit and Examples

Shown: Boom! Crisp and strong, these icons are, well, iconic!

Shown: When reversed these icons look even sharper and more iconic

Shown: Icons that will tell everyone you're a mega-corp!

Ready to Use it?

There's two ways to take this logo kit for a spin!

Do it Yourself

For hobbyists and professionals. You’ll need vector editing software!

  • Vector EPS Logo Kit
  • Simple Logo Use License
  • Access to our DIY Guides


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