Hi there, I am a passionate graphic designer from Berlin and I've been creating corporate identities since 2004. My aim is to build clean, effective branding, which is timeless and memorable. I love simplicity, which is probably the biggest part of my work.

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My work includes creating and analysing existing corporate identities, producing complex brand collateral, product campaigns, UI/UX design, responsive web interfaces and applications.

My Logo Kits

Dimension Single Letter Monogram Kit Framestart

Shown: In-situ example

Shown: Beautifully dimensioned letterforms

Shown: Versatile logo arrangements


Corporate Shapes Kit Framestart

Shown: Simple modern iconic shapes

Shown: Simple, geometric shapes

Shown: Lots of arrangements


Animal Icons Kit Framestart

Shown: Animal icons

Shown: Logos for businesses that draw on animals for their name

Shown: Lots of text arrangements


Negative Space Icon Kit Framestart

Shown: Simple and striking icons

Shown: Lots of icon options

Shown: And lots of logo arrangement options


Corporate Gradients Kit Framestart

Shown: Lots of symbol, gradient and arrangement options

Shown: Swap gradients to customize

Shown: Example logos created with the kit


Barber Shop Kit Framestart

Shown: Combine elements to create a stylish barber shop logo

Shown: Illustrative rendering of a salon logo

Shown: More barber icons than you can possibly need!


Outdoors Badges Kit Framestart

Shown: Illustrative rendering of a logo stamped out

Shown: Wide variety of badge shapes and imagery

Shown: Alter the colour palette to create a different feel


Hospitality Line Art Kit Framestart

Shown: Simple icons paired with elegant text combinations

Shown: Illustrative rendering of a sign featuring a logo created from this kit

Shown: A wide range of food related icons in a line art style